Promotional Discs

Welcome to Promo Disc, the website that details promotional disc releases from the UK national newspapers.

Promo discs were the ones that were given away inside newspapers, they often came in cardboard sleeves. Sometimes they had to be collected from a supermarket or newsagent by using the redemption code or token contained within the newspaper. Most newspapers participated in this scheme, the Daily Mail was the largest distributor of these types of discs.

The discs themselves are really quite useful, they take up very little space, making them ideal for the car or holidays. The range of titles available is also quite surprising, there are many classics. Often the disc will contain just the film and nothing else. This is a refreshing change from the advertising and trailers that are often found on other discs.

The practive of giving away free films with newspapers appears to be over, falling sales and diluted advertising revenue will probably mean we will never see such promotional giveaways ever again :-(

The discs are becoming more difficult to find these days, many have been put in rubbish bins. There are still buyers for these on auction websites and as supply continues to fall I'm sure we will see increases in collecting and perhaps prices demanded for these discs will also rise.

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